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Healthy Coffee: Before You Join Gano Excel Take a Look at a Free Healthy Coffee Non MLM Business

I know most people think they have to join a network marketing company like Gano Excel, Gano Gold, or the other healthy coffee companies to make money selling healthy coffee. That is not the case! A company called Gano Brand sells healthy Ganoderma coffee through a free affiliate program.

About Gano Brand And Healthy Coffee

Gano Brand has been selling healthy ganoderma coffee since the early 80′s before anyone else and is the first healthy coffee company. If you do not know what healthy coffee is let me explain. Healthy coffee is coffee combined with Reishi mushroom or also known as Ganoderma which is in Reishi. This herb has been used for centuries by the Chinese for it’s healing powers. Regular coffee is actually bad for your health. Did you know that it takes 17 glasses of water to neutralize the acid in 1 cup of coffee! The Reishi mushroom in healthy coffee is alkaline so instead of harmful acid it actually gives you great tasting coffee while improving your health through an alkaline ph level. Are you sensitive to caffeine? The reishi mushroom in Ganoderma coffee counteracts the caffeine in the coffee to give you jitter free coffee. Here are some of the noticeable benefits from drinking Ganoderma coffee.

Increased Energy Improved Sense Of Well Being Better Sleep No Caffeine “jitters”

NON MLM Business

Ok you want to sell healthy coffee but don’t like the idea of network marketing. Gano Brand offers a free affiliate program where you earn commissions by selling their Ganoderma coffee. To get paid you make a straight commission and do not rely on recruiting people or auto ships to get paid and it’s free to join. If you do sponsor an affiliate you get paid on 10% of their sales and there is only two levels you and the person you referred directly.

Compared To The Competition

The Gano brand products actually have more Reishi then the competitors so your getting a more potent cup of healthy coffee compared to the other brands. Healthy Gano coffee can be pricey but not through Gano Brand. Their prices are half of the competitors because the products are sold through affiliate marketing and not network marketing. The network marketing companies that sell Ganoderma coffee are more expensive because they have to pay their distributors on all of their levels so they can make a profit.

Healthy Ganoderma coffee is a great way to make some extra income and a great way to promote good health. Gano Brand is a great way to earn extra income without having to join a network marketing company and best of all it’s free.

Do you know that your coffee is bad for you?
Start drinking coffee that is good for you!
Start your own Free Gano Brand Coffee business!


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